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Opera Organizations in Singapore

The Chinese Opera Society Singapore

The COSS was established in August 1992. Throughout the eight years it has been working relentlessly to promote chinese operas. Its three-fold strategies are [1] use English in their publications and subtitles during performances, [2] conduct talks and demonstrations for students and the public and [3] experiment with new ways to present chinese operas. It has brought to singaporeans various opera troupes from China. These included Chuan Opera, Peking Opera, Hebei Opera and Sichuan Opera. Well-known cantonese opera troupes have also been invited to perform here.

It launched the 'Young Opera Artistes Series' in1996. The first artiste featured was Aw Yeong Peng Mun, a female impersonator. The following year, Philip Chan and Cynthia Chow were featured. I'm sure opera fans are looking forward to the next in the series.

The COSS is also running a Chinese Opera Resource Centre at its premises at 155 Waterloo Street, #03-03 Stamford Arts Centre, Singapore 187962. [ Fax 2594072; e-mail: cos92@cyberway.com.sg ].

The Chinese Opera Institute

Click here for website of the COI

The COI was established in 1995. Its present premises is at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Middle Road. The COI under its director Dr Chua Soo Pong has put in alot of effort in promoting Chinese Opera especially to the young. The COI aims not only to innovate in order to create interest but also to preserve tradition. It goes to schools to hold talks, give demonstrations and perform short excerpts as well as holds open-air performances. It invites top opera professionals from all over China to give talks and conduct courses in the various forms of Chinese operas. According to Dr Chua, many young people prefer Huang Mei (Mandarin opera) in the beginning because they can speak mandarin.

These are the people in the COI who have been working diligently to promote Chinese operas:
Dr Chua Soo Pong (an anthropologist by training and a well-known dance & theatre critic here) is the artististic director.
Cai Bi Xia (a graduate form the well-known Shantou School in China) is the Executive Secretary and Instructor and is also in charge of the Institute's Arts Education Programme.
The following are senior instructors:
Li Xiu Hua (a specialist in Fujian Operas)
Hu Qi Xian (a graduate from the Shanghai Opera Institute)
Zeng Yi Fan (an expert in Teochew Operas and has been involved in operas for 45 years)
The following are instructors as well as performing artistes:
Li Yun and Zhuang Hui Xuan