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The Bond Breakers

Since the report about scholars who intend to break their bonds, there are people who try to defend them. Excuses like 'Blame the system', 'It's society's fault', 'They are right to think of their own future', 'Think of ways to retain them instead of condemning them'. What is wrong is wrong. Are we going to pardon criminals who cheat , steal, etc. Bond-breakers are no better. To make it worse, breaking the bonds appeared to be in their plans in the first place.

frannxis, 13-07-2000

Speakers' Corner

I went to Speaker's Corner at Hong Lim Park this evening at 1715. There were about 60 people, many casually dressed and most were men. No one was speaking yet. An elderly man seated at a bench was grumbling to those around him about the unreasonableness of not being allowed to use loudspeakers. Several nodded in agreement. About five minutes later a dark middle-aged man started to distribute some leaflets in chinese to the people. Then he stood on a stool and began his 'speech' in mandarin. The people clapped and started to gather in front of him. The weather was fine and traffic was light. He spoke vaguely about democracy, speaker's corner, the elected president and allowance for NS men. He appeared unsure of himself. He then complained that the press was not reporting their 'speeches'.
I left soon after this. Perhaps the press could also send reporters to some coffeeshops where there might be more interesting 'speeches'.

frannxis, 30-09-2000

Important Lesson


Singapore is a land of plenty with peace and prosperity guarenteed? Singapore has no ememies; we are spending too much on defence? Indonesian president's, Gur Dur, criticisms about Singapore, particulary his 'remarks' on water supply to Singapore, is an important lesson on National Education which the Government has been trying hard to teach Singaporeans. Gur Dur's outburst is worth thousands of words from the Government.

frannxis, 30-11-2000