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Joanna Wong & Lou Mee Wah


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Chee Kin Fun


Kin Fun is the lead 'hua dan' as well as 'director' of Tung On Wui Kuan's opera group. She started learning opera when she was seven years old, under a well-known and respected Singapore artiste, Chee Lai Hong. Her first major performance was "The Patriotic Princess" when she was only in her late teens. Troughout the years she has performed various roles in numerous operas. In 1999 she played the omnipotent Empress Dowager in the opera "Emperor Kong Zui & his concubine Zhen Fei". She has also been teaching and grooming the younger generation in her opera classes.
After toiling for decades she could now look back with satisfaction not only at her own contributions to cantonese operas, but also that there are young Singaporeans dedicated to keeping this tradition alive.

Wu Wai Fong


Wai Fong is Kong Chow Wui Koon's opera troupe's lead 'wen-wu sheng'. She fell in love with chinese opera when she was young partly due to her father's involvement in opera work. She performed on an ad hoc basis during her younger days. She got into the mainstream of opera performance when she joined Kong Chow Wui Kwun's opera troupe in 1975. Over the years, of the many roles she played the most memorable was 'Luk Yow', a well-known poet in the Sung Dynasty, in the famous opera "A Broken Dream : 40 years of unfulfilled Love". In this opera she had to play the role from youth to old age.
Her wish is that more people will love and appreciate chinese operas.